Celebratory Dive
Celebrating 40 Years of Diving!

Kendal and Lakes Sub Aqua club is a branch of the British Sub Aqua Club (0546) and a Community Amateur Sports Club, with a long established aim to promote safe and enjoyable recreational diving, by providing high quality BSAC training  and opportunities for skill development & practice.

Members also have the following benefits from their membership of the club: -

  • Training – The club’s Voluntary instructors can deliver all BSAC training, up to and including Advanced Diver. Details of Training Fees are available upon request.
  • Free Air – The club owns its own compressor and, following payment of an initial fee, subsequent fills are free.
  • NITROX – The club can provide Nitrox (EANX) to suitably qualified members, with O2 clean cylinders, for substantially less than commercial providers.
  • Use of club equipment – Diving members can use club equipment for a small charge, to cover servicing & repairs.
  • Club dives – Suitably qualified/experienced members organise dives that are open to all suitably qualified/experienced members.
  • Safety – Adherence to the training you receive with the club and to safe diving practices should help you to dive safely wherever you go in the world. An oxygen administration, first aid & AED kit should be taken to all UK club dives.
  • Experience – Newer members can gain knowledge from more experienced club-mates. This is especially important for trainee and Ocean divers.

A warm welcome to divers from other agencies!

Kendal & Lakes Sub Aqua Club also welcomes previous diver training by recognised organisations, whether recreational, commercial or even military. It doesn’t matter who you trained with, if you’ve never dived in the UK before or if you haven’t dived for a few seasons, we’re sure to have something to interest you.  You can continue your training by ‘crossing over’ to BSAC, or have your existing qualification recognised by BSAC and just dive.

Divers can join and enjoy diving with us and are, we hope, made to feel very welcome.


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