Bailiff Wood – Coniston

Located on the east side of Lake Consiston about one mile south of Brantwood House.

Access. Shore access directly of the roadside 50m south of car park entrance

Telephone. There is a Vodafone mobile signal

Parking Information There is a National Trust located on the east side of the road, room for about 20 cars depending on logging operations

Depth. The site has a platform at 6-7m  with a cliff to the west of the entry point dropping sharply to 28m with a further more gentle slope to 35m by swimming 100-150m west 40m can achieved.

Qualification requirements: The 6-7m platform on the site provides and excellant training area for Ocean Diver traininees. Caustion is required to avoid stirring up the silty bottom.

Coniston is a very dark lake and good torches with backup are required if you wish to venture more than 10-15m.


Bailiff Wood is a great site for most divers, there is a wide range of features and depths to suit most divers. A popular dive site with many divers the site has a bath, toilet and various knomes, as well as  a memorial.

Pike, winter char, trout are often seen particularly around the bath!.

Traffic when crossing the road
Boat traffic:- Gondola, sailing yachts and lake wardens.
Strong winds can create a current.

Please note this information is provided for guidance only and should not be relied upon. All risk assesemets and safetyaspects must be taken by any diver.

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