Beech Hill – Windermere

Located on the east shore of Windermere. About two miles south of Bowness on Windermere on the Newby Bridge Road.

Travelling from the north, pass the Beech Hill Hotel and turn right into the car park on the right hand side. This is a pay and display car park.

Access to the dive site is via a set of steep steps down to a beach.

There are three small wrecks at this site.

1. A work boat at 17m enter water and travel north past the hotel jetties, on your right. Look out for the old jetties that had been ditched in the lake.

2. Turn south from the beach and travel south (left) and there is the Fair Dinkum at 12m about 8 minutes swim

3. Beyond the Fair Dinkum is a small power boat a further 50m south.

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