Devils Bridge – Kirkby Lonsdale.

Situated just east of the town of Kirkby Londsdale.On the A65. SD 615782  54:11:53N  2:35:30W

Parking is on the old road to the west of the old bridge.

Access to the river is through the wall on the west side of the river. Care should be taken on the steep slippery field leading down to the rocks. Further care should be taken on the rocks which are slippery.

Enter the river head east to the 6m pool in centre of river before heading north underneath the old bridge, as far as you can go, then drifting back to the 6m pool for a ‘mooch’, before exiting at your entry point. Be aware of a constantly changing riverbottom, trees and currents, do not go beyond the new road bridge to the South of the site.

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