How to join?

Joining KALSAC could not be simpler, just come along to a club meeting (link) and introduce yourself to any of the team and we will be pleased to help you join.

If you have never dived before you can take a Try Dive in the pool under the supervision of a qualified instructor, who will show you the ropes and help you with the equipment and what to do.

There are some straightforward forms to complete as part of joining BSAC, and our branch. These include a simple medical form, regarding current and historic health conditions. The form is confidential between you and the membership secretary.

Because it is simple, it is quite possible to dive with one or more medical conditions referenced on the form, but you will need to get medical clearance to dive.

The next stage is to start the Ocean Diver Training Course .

Contact Paul Fry on 555…. or email

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