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It has to be said that the weather forecast for the weekend, even up to 3-days before going was looking pretty dire, wet & windy on Saturday, even worse on Sunday and were all pretty relieved to get the Thursday evening phone call advising the trip was on! In the event, the wind wasn’t too bad and we got more than enough sunshine to be happy. The visability was poor, with lots of particulates in the water, but we managed 4 good dives in water temperatures of around 11C, the first was a really good seal encounter, hence the photos (only GaryD’s at present), but more to follow.

Many thanks to Dave Skinner for organising this and who has booked another weekend for 2012, for the weekend of 30th June/1st July, which also happens to be a neap, with Farne Diving Services , please contact dave skindivers1@btinternet.com to book a place: -


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  1. admin:

    Looks like a fantastic Trip

  2. Gary Davis:

    It was a good trip, the seal dive was fantastic and worth it alone, the other dives were good, with great potential.

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